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Updated October 24th, 2006

My Radiation Detector Design Page

Where the heck is Buda, Texas???..click here to find out!

New!--C.T's Mini-Lehman Seismometer

Charlie Thompson's Guide to tracking the International Space Station
Measuring your Wristwatch Quartz Oscillator
Photo of the Buda RF Works R&D lab
National Scanner Frequency Database


Mexico Quake Recorded 1/11/97 on my system
View #1 of my Lehman Seismometer
View #2 of my Lehman Seismometer
Drawing detail of my Lehman Seismometer
Map showing my detectable quake magnitude vs. distance from Buda
Create Your Own Seismogram Using Current Data
Lots of Seismic Links including Nuclear Verification

Commerce, Texas Quake recorded 5/13/97

UT Hockley Seismometer

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 Sam Goldwasser's electronics link index <-- tons of electronic info
Austin weather RADAR - NEXRAD!
Current Weather Satellite Images

.....My radio call is W5CDT.. licensed since 10/10/67

Austin Ham Repeater list

Build Your Own Radio Telescope: Radio Sky

South Carolina State University Radio Astronomy web site

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