An adjustable 0 to 1500V+, regulated, low ripple HV power supply
for powering PMT's and geiger tubes


I got tired of looking for the ultimate little transformer from which
to make a decent HV power supply for my photomultiplier projects.

I wanted a transformer which was readily available at LOW COST
in small quantities....dream on!

Then I discovered that CCFL inverters are everywhere!  (CCFL stands
for cold cathode flourescent lamp).   I found this little gem from Electronic
Goldmine for $1.49 but you could use just about *any* CCFL inverter in
my circuit below:

For the regulator sense feedback I needed a 1000:1 divider also available
from Electronic Goldmine at 2 for $1:

The schematic is shown below.  Ripple is less than 25mVpp using the
"ripple stripper" featured in this circuit:


You know where to find me if you have questions!  :-)